Shipping Rate Calculator

How do I figure out the cost of shipping? Weight is determined two different ways. Please go to our smart buying/smart shipping page for detailed info.

Enter the dimensions below to find out the dimensional weight. Compare with the actual weight and use the highest number. Or enter the country you want to ship to and find the matching weight. You can also enter the number in front of the add weight number to find out your cost.

If you are still not sure what do do or have questions, feel free to ask!!

All rates are estimates provided to help you make a good decision! The actual rates may be slightly higher or lower. Please visit for exact rates.

International Economy is used by default, but we can ship Priority if you want! If the weight of a single package exceeds the weight of 150lbs or if dimensions L + 2W + 2H > 130 inches your package will have to ship Freight due to weight and size restrictions. Ask us for a custom quote.

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